Lord Selkirk School Division, International Student Program - International Students Selkirk


Embrace your student, and their culture. Include them in family activities and make an effort to show them what Manitoba has to offer. Help them develop their English skills by having conversations and watch movies together…. Have fun!!

Make sure to be patient and spend time with your student just talking about their culture, home and family

This was a great first experience, my student was an excellent fit into our family

I am looking forward to hosting again, it was a great experience for my family

The staff was great, every time I was uncertain of something I was always given a clear direction or understanding which helped me tremendously

Don’t think of your student as a guest, think of them as a new friend and family member for life! We still keep in touch with all our previous students

It has been a great year. I think we have all learned a lot from each other. I have another daughter now

Lord Selkirk School District