Lord Selkirk School Division, International Student Program - International Students Selkirk

Become a Homestay Family

Responsibility of Homestay Parent.

  1. Student will have his/her own bedroom, with window, lamp, dresser, bedding, closet
  2. Provide transportation to the airport on student’s departure date
  3. Criminal record check and vulnerability sector; in addition to child abuse registry.
  4. Live in school division catchment area.
  5. Treat student with respect and acceptance.
  6. Meet your student at the Airport.
  7. Attend a mandatory homestay meeting in august
  8. Bathroom and bathing facility/ laundry facility and procedures for use.
  9. All meals and reasonable snacks
  10. Fire extinguisher/ working smoke detectors
  11. Meet reasonable transportation needs. This does not include daily transportation to and from school.


Advice from Past Homestay Parents:

“Make sure to be patient and spend time with your student just talking about their culture, home and family”

“This was a great first experience, my student was an excellent fit into our family”

“I am looking forward to hosting again, it was a great experience for my family”

“The staff was great, every time I was uncertain of something I was always given a clear direction or understanding which helped me tremendously”

“Don’t think of your student as a guest, think of them as a new friend and family member for life! We still keep in touch with all our previous students”

Lord Selkirk School District