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Homestay Families

Karen Murray,
Homestay/Program Manager

Email: hsmanager@lssd.ca
Phone: 204-482-6926 ext 3274
Fax: 204-785-7314
Toll Free: 1 (866) 433-6926

221 Mercy Street
Selkirk, Manitoba
Canada  R1A 2C8


International Students & Agents

Denisse Parra,

Email: ispdirector@lssd.ca
Phone: 204-482-6926 ext 3251
Fax: 204-785-7314
Toll Free: 1 (866) 433-6926

221 Mercy Street
Selkirk, Manitoba
Canada  R1A 2C8


How old are the students when they come?

The International Students’ ages range anywhere from 12—17. The majority of our students will be between 15—17 and will attend school at The Comp. We will get a few students for our middle schools and have also had programs with elementary aged students.

What kind of home requirements are needed in order to host a student?

International Students require their own private bedroom with a bed, dresser, window and place to do homework. The room must have a window that meets the fire regulations. There must be a working fire extinguisher in the home as well as working smoke detectors on each level of the home.

Do I get to choose which student comes to stay with my family?

ISP staff will make every effort to match students and families with similar interests and requests. When we believe we have a suitable match for your family we will give you information on the student and then the decision to make the commitment to host that student is yours.

Do we get paid for hosting an International Student?

Homestay families act as volunteers for our program but they do receive a monthly tax-free honorarium of $700.00.

As a Homestay Family, what would our responsibility be to the International Student?

When students come to our program they come to learn English and experience Canadian life. The best way to do both of these things is to immerse yourself in the local culture and become a part of a Canadian family. As a Homestay Family you would be responsible for providing the International Student with a safe, loving environment to expand their English skills. Homestay

Families should provide their student with 3 meals a day and other reasonable snacks, transportation to and from extracurricular activities (within reason) and to include the student in your family activities.  Your international student will become a new member of your family. They should be treated just like another son/daughter or brother/sister and they can do their share of household chores.

What if the International Student gets sick? Can they see a Doctor here? Do they have medical insurance?

Just like our own kids, the students might get sick while they’re here. Our ISP purchases medical health insurance for each student. The coverage they have is very similar to Manitoba Health coverage and will cover them if they need to be seen by a Doctor.

A Doctor at the Selkirk Medical Clinic on Eveline Street has agreed to see all of our students and he has their insurance information every year.

How do I apply?

Interested families can apply to host a student for our program by completing a few simple steps:

  • Fill out the Homestay Family Application Form
  • Provide us with 2 references.
  • All members of the family over the age of 18 will need to complete Child Abuse Registry Checks and Criminal Record Checks.
  • An ISP staff member will visit with you in your home to talk more about the program and to approve the accommodations available to an International Student.

Once this application process is complete, you would be considered an approved Homestay Family for our program and we would contact you when we believe we have a match with a student!

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