Lord Selkirk School Division, International Student Program - International Students Selkirk

How To Apply?

Step 1

Complete the application forms and gather the additional items:


Step 2

Upon acceptance decided by the Director, you will receive:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Custodianship Agreement
  • Invoice

Payment as per invoice should follow once documents are received.


Step 3

The student will need to select the courses they would like to take while studying at LSSD. It is important to do this in a timely manner as some classes fill quickly. We cannot guarantee that all classes will always be available.


Step 4

The student will receive their homestay confirmation by email from program personnel.


Step 5

Program personnel will meet the student at the airport and will help with all practical matters related to homestay and settling in.


Step 6

Program personnel will conduct an orientation to help students settle at school and give them some tips and ideas on how to adjust to the homestay family as well.


It is not necessary for the student to engage the services of a recruiter in order to apply for admission to a program

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