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Krystal Wilkinson

My name is Krystal Wilkinson.  I grew up in East Selkirk and am currently a resident of Clandeboye where I live with my husband, three year old son and one year old baby girl- the three loves of my life!

I went into the field of Education at the University of Winnipeg because I knew how many prospective doors an Ed Degree would open for me throughout my career.  I am thrilled that the next door I get to walk through professionally takes me back to my old high school, this time as Director of the International Student Program, a position I have always been interested in.

Throughout University, I took some time to see the world.  With my best friend by my side, we explored most of Europe and I developed an insatiable wanderlust and passion for learning about other cultures.  I pursued an Honours Degree in History in university and travel has been a way to bring all of that book learning to life!  I was lucky to have the opportunity to move to the UK after University and teach some very vulnerable young people in the south end of London, England- a challenging job that changed my life forever.

I have always been drawn to more ‘alternative’ positions within the realm of Education working mostly with at-risk youth and young adults with special needs in settings outside of the traditional classroom.  I love developing strong relationships with the students in my care and know well the value and huge responsibility of being someone you can come to when you need help.

Most would describe me as an empathetic, good listener who loves to share a laugh and gives really good hugs!  I feel like my adaptability, level-headedness, organizational skills and ability to work well on a team will be important traits in this role.

The timing is perfect for me to start something new and I am so excited to join the ISP team here in Selkirk!


Karen Murray - Lord Selkirk School Division, International Student Program - Selkirk Student Exchange ProgramsMy name is Karen Murray, I was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB and have been living in St. Andrews for the past fourteen years. When I moved to St. Andrews I was impressed by the people and their friendly nature, the hominess of the neighborhood and beauty of nature around me.

I completed my Pharmacy Technician degree at Robertson Career College and was employed by Canada Safeway for 17 years. After retiring from Pharmacy I was fortunate to work for the YMCA of Winnipeg as a Childcare Supervisor at St. Andrews School. Being within the walls of the school division inspired me to pursue also a career as an Educational assistant and later a Library Clerk.

I am forever grateful to the professionals around me that encouraged me to spread my wings and embark on a career with families and students. As well I have been very fortunate to participate this year in hosting an international exchange student in my home.

I consider myself a problem solver, eager to learn, generous, grateful and always willing to try new things. My home welcomes me with two children, a wonderful husband, and a cat always looking for a cuddle.


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