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About Us

Welcome to the International Student Program at the Lord Selkirk School Division.

The International Student Program (ISP) is accredited and a member of Imagine Canada, CAPS-I and MCIE. Each year we welcome students from all over the world to study at our schools and enjoy the experience of a lifetime in Canada.

Our program has been welcoming international students since 2001 and we have been committed to offering a well-rounded program that allows students to pursue their interests and goals. Since then, our dedication to quality and positive experience has only grown stronger.

We offer:

  • Quality, affordable educational experiences
  • The opportunity for students to attend classes in English
  • English support for students new to the language
  • Top quality programming across a broad range of courses for students of all ages

Outside of regular curriculum, students can expand their learning in many areas including music, technology, sports, theatre, arts and vocational programming.
Many students graduate with a Manitoba high school diploma (it’s recognized worldwide) and go on to pursue post-secondary education in Canada or abroad.


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