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Students from around the world come to Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada to explore educational opportunities provided by our International Student Program.

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We offer 230-240 course options in academic, vocational, performing arts, computers, language, advance placement, double credit courses, and athletic programs.

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The high school offers outstanding academic and vocational curricula with exceptional music programs, computer/business studies, advanced placement courses and many athletic and artistic opportunities. The school's modern facilities include state-of-the-art computer labs, a 300-seat theatre, an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness area and indoor track, and an outdoor track and stadium.

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What others say

My name is Lais, I am from Brazil. I came to Canada for just one semester. Before I arrived here five months seems like a lot of time, but it is not. I had the best five months. It is impossible to get tired of Canada, everybody is so nice.
In Canada some of my dreams come true, I saw a polar bear, northern lights and deer for the first time. The snow was definitely my favorite part.
My host family was perfect, awesome actually. They were so nice to me. They kept me busy and I did not get homesick not even for a second. They worked hard to help me improve my English, even my host sister helped to explain things to me when I did not understand, they made me feel like part of the family, safe and happy. They showed me things that I never would be able to do in Brazil like fishing, building a snow man and going to a hockey game. I would not have enjoyed Canada as much as I did without them. I love all of them and am so thankful they were my host family and I was their student. They are what I will miss the most.
The High school is very different from Brazil. Here the teachers are so nice, they helped me and gave me support to understand, they helped me improve my English. If you are lost or need help, ask the students they are not shy to show you where to go or to help open your locker.
I will miss Canada, I plan to come back one day and study medicine here at the University. This is not good-bye, just farewell until I see you again!

– Lais from Brazil

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